Women in Mali are strong and resilient, but they face many barriers and challenging odds.

Because women have limited opportunities in society, we believe they are one of Mali’s greatest untapped resources.

If we can engage and support women who are excluded from decision-making, the health and future of children, families, and communities will improve.

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                CHALLENGES WOMEN FACE              

  In general, women in Mali do not have adequate opportunity to thrive:

182 of 189

Mali’s rank on the Human Development Index (HDI)

157 of 160

Mali’s rank on the Gender Inequality Index (GII)


of women older than 25 have any secondary education


literacy rate among women

  They also struggle to access adequate healthcare, which leads to some of the most challenging outcomes in the world:


average number of children per mother 

1 in 26

lifetime risk of maternal death


of young women age 15 – 19 have a child or are pregnant


unmet need for family planning

We are fortunate to work with strong, resourceful women across Mali.

Meet Korotoumou. She’s one of them, and she’s awesome. It’s women like her who are changing the outlook for women in Mali. Find out how.

She is also a member of one of our first cooperatives.

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