As of 25 March, there are two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mali. There are limited resources available in Mali to prevent the spread of this outbreak, so we are doing all we can to support national response efforts and ensure that the communities we serve stay healthy. Please, if you can, we hope you will contribute, or buy a bar of soap, and together we will help make sure families and health centers have the essential resources they need, like soap, to stay safe. We need you.

Mali Health helps communities improve the health of mothers and children.

We have a vision for how communities can ensure access to high-quality healthcare within their local health system, and for how even the poorest communities in Mali can achieve health for all.


Mali’s decentralized health system presents many challenges, and many opportunities. When we help communities manage their resources to improve the quality and availability of maternal and child healthcare in their health centers, the results are astounding. By supporting community members, we help the health system to function the way it was designed to – with full local ownership.

           OUR IMPACT         


The amount that 5,000 women in peri-urban communities are saving every year, 25 cents at a time


Mali Health community health workers have not lost a single more or child in their care in over 5 years


The facility-based delivery rate in partner health centers, versus 55% nationally

“Like the health and growth of one child, Mali Health’s impact is iterative, extending beyond one person to so many more. I love supporting Mali Health then, now and forever – never let anyone suggest that small and thoughtful projects cannot grow up to change a world.”

– Helen Ryan, Mali Health Supporter


Sharing hope at a time of uncertainty

Sharing hope at a time of uncertainty

The limited resources available in Mali make it extremely vulnerable to COVID-19. The best chance that Mali has is to prevent an outbreak before it begins, so that is our focus. If you can, we hope you will contribute, or buy a bar of soap, and together we will help...

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Let’s talk about compassion

Let’s talk about compassion

Compassion is a universal idea – but it’s been in the news a bit lately. The Dalai Lama is helping to open the conversation about its role in medicine. A donor recently gave $100 million to create an institute to study empathy and compassion to the University of...

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