Meet our community health workers.

These are the men and women you help to save lives everyday.

In communities across Bamako, they visit thousands of families.

They bring information about how to prevent the deadliest diseases, check on the wellbeing and growth of children, and ensure that families seek, understand, and follow treatments when needed.

To see some of their work up close, follow along with Gauanse for a day, or

see what a visit with Sonata is like.


They make sure that families have everything they need to protect the health of mothers and children.

They are trusted resources, neighbors, advisors, and friends.

They are the heroes of community health.

Not only for their dedication and service to their communities – but for their results.

The children in their care have significantly lower rates of malaria, malnutrition and diarrhea – all of which can be deadly.

Every infant they visit is vaccinated on time.

And perhaps their biggest accomplishment:

They have not lost a single mother or child in their care in over 5 years.

And that is something we’ll never get tired of celebrating.

But that celebration would not be complete without you.

From the very beginning of Mali Health until today – it is your contributions that have supported these men and women, and the care they help mothers and children to access.

Their work and their accomplishments are almost entirely made possible by your support.

Basic Healthcare

$25 provides basic healthcare for a child for one year

$55 provides all the maternal healthcare one mother needs

We want you to know exactly what your support means and what impact it has.


Your gift mostly goes to providing healthcare to treat the deadliest diseases and paying the salaries of our 41 community health workers.



$1080 is the annual salary

for a community health worker

that’s about

$90 per month

or just

$3 per day

                 SUPPORT COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS               

This year, we need to raise $100,000 to help our community health workers continue their work and to ensure they keep having an extraordinary impact in their communities.

Every contribution,
from $5 to $500, makes a difference.

We could not do it without you, and we hope you will help us keep this amazing partnership going.

Thank you so much for your support!


“I am proud when I see the mothers in my care apply the prevention advice I give during my home visits. What that means is today their children rarely fall ill. Their health is stable and they have good growth. Being a community health worker allows me to be a different person – it makes me a good mother, a better wife, and a leader in my community.”

– Kadidiatou Savane, Sikoro

“The health center counts on me to improve health in our community. My biggest challenge is the transformation of the knowledge I share into a family’s daily behavior. Sometimes the families gain a high level of understanding about a health topic, but using that knowledge to make a change that will improve health remains a challenge for them.”

– Adama Iro, Boulkassoumbougou

“Not long after I became a community health worker, I began to see myself as someone who owed something to her community. I had a duty to render a service to people who have no other choice but to rely on me. The expectations of my community pushed me to forge myself into someone who could meet any kind of health need”

– Sirimanfa Francoise, Lafiabougou