Community health workers work – and ours have not lost a single mother or child in their care in over ten years.

Around the world and in Mali, when trained community health workers provide health education and rapid referral to health centers, mothers and children are healthier. Mali Health has 57 community health workers who are paid, supervised, and continually trained.

Paid community health workers are not a part of the peri-urban health system in Mali. Only rural communities have the community health workers known as ASC – agents de la santé communautaire. There are volunteer health workers known as relais – but there is no formal system for their training or support.

We believe that community health workers play an important role in peri-urban communities  and that they are a key component of a strong, local, community health system that can bring health to all.

Here’s more about them, their work, and their commitment to their communities.

I decided to become a community health worker seven years ago when poverty was increasing in my community. Children were ill and unable to have adequate healthcare and more mothers were losing children during pregnancies because they received no prenatal care. So I decided to become a part of the solution.

- Sidi Fane, Sikoro


Every day in peri-urban communities across Bamako, our community health workers:

  • visit enrolled families to monitor health and growth
  • ensure completion of routine primary care
  • refer mothers and children to the health center when needed
  • provide important preventive health information at every visit

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Mali Health improves maternal and child health by supporting women, communities, and the community health system to develop local solutions that ensure every mother and child has access to quality primary care.

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