It is Wednesday, February 3, 2021, Aminata’s 3rd day in her new position with Mali Health. In the early morning at her desk, we asked Aminata to share her feelings about her journey and new role.

I am Aminata Seydou Traoré, I’m 29 years old, and I live in Kalabambougou in Commune IV of Bamako District. I have a Master’s degree in Law with a Judicial Career Option from the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of Bamako.

Aminata began working at Mali Health in February 2018 as a savings group facilitator, an animatrice, in Kalabambougou in our Women-Led Health Financing (WHF) programs. While she was serving as an animatrice, Mali Health supported the launch of one of our first cooperatives in Kalabambougou. Aminata brings extensive experience implementing our WHF strategies, but she has something even more valuable. She brings understanding and knowledge from three years of listening to and directly supporting women in her community. Reflecting on her time at Mali Health, Aminata tells us:

At first I wondered how I should go about meeting the goals that were assigned to me. Then little by little, I was able to fit into a team full of diversity. The questioning gave way to confidence and enthusiasm; then I said to myself that I have a lot to learn with this organization. My personal goal was to be able to be in a management position in the program in which I work. With the position of Program Assistant opened, I thought to myself – now is the time. So I applied and was right to believe it and give it a try.

She was right to believe in herself and try, and today Aminata is ready to thrive in her new role. Ambitious and always committed to serving her community, Aminata is also active in civil society organizations, including the Coalition of African Alternatives Debt and Development (CAD-Mali) through an organization known as Association of Youth for the Development of the Municipalities of Mali. We look forward to the enthusiasm and energy she will bring to her work with thousands of women across Bamako.

*Aminata is stepping into the role once filled by Aïssata Touré Kouyaté, who was recently promoted to Storytelling Manager.