Remembering Gaoussou

Doumbia, the Director of our Community Capacity Building department and the leader of all our Women-Led Health Financing activities, died 12 May 2023, after several months of declining health.

He joined Mali Health in August 2015, and as a member of our senior leadership team, was an integral part of our organization from the beginning. He immediately had a profound impact on our savings groups, and oversaw doubling the program in size during his first year with us. He led the development of our cooperative program and the development of the Gnaman ni Sôrô ani Kènèya project, including traveling to Ghana to observe the model we are adapting to Mali. We have benefitted in countless ways from his deep knowledge and experience in community mobilization.

Gaoussou‘s expertise and skill were most evident when he was in the field, working directly with the women he served. He was a constant source of encouragement and motivation, helping women to recognize not only their successes but always challenging them to keep working hard together to improve health in their families and communities. He shared that positivity within our team, and he will be remembered for his generous spirit and a nearly-constant smile.

He was a deep source of knowledge on Mali’s traditions and protocols, and was often consulted by the rest of our team on how to respectfully navigate encounters according to local customs and tradition. As the oldest member of our team, Gaoussou was our patriarch, representing Mali Health in various ways.

Gaoussou was just 48 years old and left behind a family based in Ségou, including his mother, Koumafing Kone, wives Aïssata Soucko et Trena Keïta, and children Djeneba (17), Mamoutou (12), Moussa (10) and Toumani (4).

Gaoussou Doumbia at Mali Health's 10 Year Anniversary celebration.

The Mali Health team would like to honor and remember our friend and colleague by ensuring that his work and his legacy will continue. Learn more about the solidarity fund we are creating in his honor, and how you can help.