MALI MAMA BAR             

Where we work, soap is a precious resource, and it saves lives.
Buy our bar today and you can help more mothers and children access basic necessities.

Why soap?


About 1 in 10 children in Mali will not reach age 5 – the 6th highest child mortality rate in the world. But something as simple as handwashing with soap can prevent two of the deadliest diseases for children – diarrhea and acute respiratory infections.

Soap is extremely important part of helping pregnant women prevent infections and maintain good hygiene in peri-urban communities where access to sanitation services and even water, can be very limited.

For mothers and children, soap is simple, effective, and inexpensive – and it saves lives.

And now, soap is also a livelihood.

Soap is not just a way for mothers to keep their children healthy – it’s now a way they can support their families, too. We are helping women to form cooperatives to make soap to sell in their communities, making a precious resource available while earning an income.

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